There is no doubt that the marketing industry is highly competitive.

Every year the internet is flooded with content, and some people even know where to start or what to start with. Consider this your lucky day. Below is a list of digital marketing trends for 2018 which you can use to up your online marketing game.

1) Go Live!

Live videos have been part of our lives for a while now, and this trend will only skyrocket going into 2018. This is a definite social media trend in 2018. Facebook will be focusing on its Live Video feature more this year, amongst other things.

Get started with Live Videos:
• Use live videos at your events to connect with more people all over the country.
• Show off displays, share tips and tricks to make your audience’s lives easier.
• Become transparent. Invite your audience to behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of production processes, introduce employees. Be creative & entertaining with this one.

Tip: Alert the people around you, that you are filming. Remember the video is live and everything is captured as it happens. Avoid any mishaps/ complications, and respect the privacy of others.

2) Micro – Influencers

 You must’ve heard the term influencer marketing being thrown around a lot.

Speculation that this trend is dying has circulated the online digital marketing world lately. In 2018 the focus will be on Micro – Influencers.

These are people with:

  • Regular jobs.
  • Live normal lives.
  • Who happens to be popular on social media.
  • They have a following of 1k – 100k people.
  • They are more relatable.

Micro-influencers are a lot cheaper and the ROI from these influencers is much higher.

3) Content Marketing

This trend is still going strong and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Still gaining momentum this trend will determine if you make it or break it in 2018.

The demand for relevant content will become more and more pressing. If done right:

  • Expect more sales; and
  • An increased customer loyalty.

70% of consumers say they’d rather learn more about a business through an article than an ad. Besides, it is cheaper than most forms of marketing.

Tip: Rather outsource your content creation to streamline your processes.

So, if you don’t have a content marketing strategy, you better get one – if you do, start refining it.

4) Consumer Personalisation

A great way to increase engagement and sales is to personalise customer shopping experiences.

75% of consumers prefer retailers that use this.

Do this by:

  • Encouraging people to create a customer profile on your site or mobile apps.
  • Use the opportunity to collect data on their habits and browsing patterns
  • Give special offers based on this data.
  • Try using direct messaging

Remember attention is currency. Building an authentic connection with customers is critical to your digital marketing success.

Tip: Implement this in your online store, email campaigns, landing pages, and online display ads.

So, start with this list. Identify trends and make applicable changes to your strategy. Let us know which trend you will be focusing on in 2018? Still, don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you optimize your digital efforts in 2018.

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