On 12 January 2018 Mark Zuckerberg threw a “curveball” into the world of digital marketing. Marketers took to social media – aka Facebook – to raise their concerns and opinions about the latest Facebook Newsfeed Update.

So, sit back, get a cup of coffee and relax. All is good in the world of shares, likes, and page engagement. This update is not so bad, but rather a chance for new engagement opportunities.

Think of this:

1) As a way to keep the platform free to the greater public; and

2) A ‘helping hand’ to the people that always put creating engaging content on the back burner.

 Caution! You can expect your organic page reach to take a journey to the centre
of the earth. Prepare the marketing budgets.

Don’t worry, with a little help from us and some old school creative thinking, you will soon be creating great content for your followers. Combining great content with paid reach, your audience will become more loyal and trust your brand even more. Are you ready to keep your page visible in those News Feeds?

 Here are our tips:

Be Authentically Human – Engagement First!

Person-to-person is a top priority for Facebook. This type of engagement influences your EdgeRank the most. Here are our tips:

  • Remove your third-party automation tools, like Buffer and Hootsuite. Rather start using the built-in scheduling capabilities of the platform.
  • Keep your ears and eyes on your audience (& data). Look at what works for your audience. What do they like? It might not be Live Videos, but memes about cats. Opt for what encourages a meaningful conversation with your followers.
  • This brings us to the heading – have a human reply to comments. This fits snug into the said purpose of this update.

Constantly ask yourself, “How do I better engage my audience?”.

Make Them Feel Part of a Community

The feeling of togetherness and connection has never been more important. Encourage responses from your audience. The time for passive scrolling is over. Don’t drive conversation away – keep the conversation on Facebook. 

  • Use Live Video. According to Facebook, it’s Live Video engagement is 6x more than regular videos.
  • Create Groups that are linked to your Facebook Page. This is another extremely good way to drive an authentic conversation around your brand and keeping the conversation on Facebook.
  • Make use of Messenger bots. (Tip: You can advertise directly into people’s Messenger inbox.).

Have a Paid Social Media Strategy.

The News Feed is changing and space will be limited. Competition for this space just doubled because of this update. You need to have a plan about how you’ll be getting the exposure your brand deserves.

So, keep on doing what you were doing by:

  • Create relevant and engaging content, that encourages discussion;
  • Refine your paid reach strategy.

If you want to win on Facebook, you’ll need to be able to combine these organic engagement tips to stay relevant in News Feeds and refine your content with a traffic strategy

Having a strategy and following these easy to get started tips & tricks. You’ll be well on your way to dominate your space on people’s News Feeds in 2018. Want more help in refining your strategies and creating great content? Contact TSA to assist you with a laser focus on your targeting for get great quality leads and traffic.

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